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 Santa Fe on Foot

Santa Fe on Foot: Exploring the City Different

Elaine Pinkerton

$18.95 (ISBN: 978-0-943734-53-8 )

   Fresh new edition invites you to ramble, stroll, walk, or hike this fascinating 400-year-old city in the heart of the West. Twelve pathways bring the reader among historic districts, up lofty Sun Mountain, to a lush watershed, along lively Canyon Road, into colorful arroyos, and much more. Illustrated with maps, fine drawings and new photographs, "Santa Fe on Foot is definitely the book to take along on any outing around the old and new Santa Fe" (New Mexico Magazine review).

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Chaco Astronomy

Chaco Astronomy: An Ancient American Cosmology

Anna Sofaer and Contributors to The Solstice Project

$24.95 (ISBN: 978-0-943734-46-0)

Anna Sofaer's 1977 encounter with an ancient spiral rock carving high on a New Mexico butte led to 30 years of research into the astronomy of the people of the remarkable Chaco Canyon archaeological complex. Here, for the first time in one book, are the astounding results of those investigations.

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The Book of Kindness

The Book of Kindness: Power of the Gentle Path

Compiled by Mary Lou Cook, Jan Lurie and Richard Polese

$15 (ISBN: 978-0-943734-47-7)

New edition! More than 180 inspirational reflections on the quietly powerful virtue of kindness--gathered from everyday people as well as leading thinkers and sages throughout history.

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