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Our complete alphabetical catalog, featured on this page, is divided into four sections.

Travel and Explore

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 Santa Fe on Foot

Santa Fe on Foot: Exploring the City Different

Elaine Pinkerton

$18.95 (ISBN: 978-0-943734-53-8 )

   Fresh new edition invites you to ramble, stroll, walk, or hike this fascinating 400-year-old city in the heart of the West. Twelve pathways bring the reader among historic districts, up lofty Sun Mountain, to a lush watershed, along lively Canyon Road, into colorful arroyos, and much more. Illustrated with maps, fine drawings and new photographs, "Santa Fe on Foot is definitely the book to take along on any outing around the old and new Santa Fe" (New Mexico Magazine review).

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Anna Christianas Un-a-fancii New Orleans Cookbook

Anna Christiana's "Un-a-fancii" New Orleans Cookbook

Anna Christiana and Deborah J. Lindsey

$16.95 (ISBN: 978-0-943734-38-5)

New Orleans eating is claimed by many to be the best in the country. Now here's what New Orleanians really enjoy in the kitchens and dining rooms of the city's legendary neighborhoods along the St. Charles Avenue streetcar line.

Anna Christiana has provided great ingredients at her family's seafood shop for years. Now she shows you how to prepare Oysters Jambalaya, Crabmeat Quiche, Shark-in-a-Pirogue, Oyster Bread, and more!

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Chaco Astronomy

Chaco Astronomy: An Ancient American Cosmology

Anna Sofaer and Contributors to The Solstice Project

$24.95 (ISBN: 978-0-943734-46-0)

Anna Sofaer's 1977 encounter with an ancient spiral rock carving high on a New Mexico butte led to 30 years of research into the astronomy of the people of the remarkable Chaco Canyon archaeological complex. Here, for the first time in one book, are the astounding results of those investigations.

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Flea Market America

Flea Market America: The Complete Guide to Flea-Enterprise

Cree McCree, illustrations by Betsy James

$16 (ISBN: 978-0-943734-43-9)

Commerce is booming at flea markets across America and expert vendor Cree McCree tells you how to cash in on this exciting marketplace in this new edition of Flea Market America. Cree tells you where to find the bargains, how the get the most for the least at rummage sales and auctions, how to price and display your wares, and how to choose a flea market specialty.

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From Santa Fe to OKeeffe Country

From Santa Fe to O'Keeffe Country: A One Day Journey Through the Soul of New Mexico

Rhoda Barkan and Peter Sinclaire

$19.95 (ISBN: 978-0-943734-42-2)

Here is the perfect book to guide you through the enchanting high desert landscape that Georgia O'Keeffe called home. You explore Spanish villages, living Indian pueblos, Anasazi ruins, stunningly colorful landforms, and much more on this perfect highway adventure north from Santa Fe.

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New Mexicos Historic Places

New Mexico's Historic Places: The Guide to National & State Register Sites

Marci L. Riskin, General Editor

$15.95 (ISBN: 978-0-943734-40-8)

Essential guide to the hundreds of historic and cultural treasures of New Mexico. Organized by region, New Mexico's Historic Places includes every site on the official State and National Historic Registers!

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Santa Fe On Foot

Santa Fe On Foot: Adventures in the City Different

Elaine Pinkerton

$11.95 (ISBN: 978-0-943734-25-5)

Your guide to exploring in depth New Mexico's fascinating adobe capital! Pinkerton takes you on walking, running and bicycling routes through Santa Fe's narrow streets and broad vistas, sharing the stories behind the churches, monuments and neighborhoods.

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Two Hours Beyond Atlanta

Two Hours Beyond Atlanta: Easy Day Trips from the Capital of the South

Lincoln S. Bates

$12.95 (ISBN: 978-0-943734-27-9)

You'll discover the real South along the byways beyond the dazzle of Atlanta. In 36 easy day trips, Lincoln Bates guides you to romantic plantation homes, the gold mines of Dahlonega, Georgia's wine country, folk art meccas, a garden of 10,000 butterflies, and sites of the courage and carnage of the Civil War at Andersonville and Chickamauga--and much more! Easy to follow maps and directions, plus a special section of insider tips for enjoying Atlanta itself!

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Gandhi Through a Childs Eyes

Gandhi Through a Child's Eyes: An Intimate Memoir

Narayan Desai

$8 (ISBN: 978-0-943734-23-1)

Narayan Desai grew from young boyhood in Mahatma Gandhi's household. Here is a a rare, intimate and revealing portrait of one of history's great people. "Gandhi was father to the ashram, leader of the nation, Mahatma to the common Indian, but to us children he was simply a friend."

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Gandhis Seven Steps to Global Change

Gandhi's Seven Steps to Global Change

Guy de Mallac

$16 (ISBN: 978-0-943734-16-3)

Mahatma Gandhi's remarkably simple principles apply to today's worldwide challenges of injustice, poverty and exploitation, just as they did in India's successful struggle for independence. Here for the first time the Gandhian steps are spelled out simply and precisely.

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Journey to the Soviet Union

Journey to the Soviet Union

Samantha Smith

$16.95 (ISBN: 978-0-943734-44-6)

Young Samantha Smith worried about war and dreamed of peace. While the United States and the Soviet Union (Russia) were still in the grip of the Cold War, she wrote to the Soviet leader. His long and thoughtful reply and her response to his invitation to visit his country drew attention all over the world, and became a significant part of the dramatic lowering of tensions between the two superpowers.

This is a new edition of the inspiring story by a young American girl whose historic trip helped end the Cold War era.

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Mikhail Gorbachev  A Road to the Future

Mikhail Gorbachev "A Road to the Future": Complete Text of the December 1988 U.N. Address

Mikhail Gorbachev

$0 (ISBN: 978-0-943734-13-2)

This dynamic head of state astonished the world with his visionary and wide-ranging United Nations address on December 7, 1988. Here is the complete text.

"In what may be the most important speech ever delivered before the General Assembly, Gorbachev put on a bravura performance of new political thinking, and set an agenda for a post-Cold War political order." --Time Magazine

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Peace Like a River

Peace Like a River: A Personal Journey Across America

Sue Guist

$8.95 (ISBN: 978-0-943734-17-0)

What is it like to walk across America--20 miles a day for nine months, in good weather and bad, with companions as diverse as Buddhist monks, Vietnam vets and teenage anarchists? Motivated by desire to help free the world from the ultimate Holocaust, Sue Guist headed out on the Great Peace March of 1986. Learn what she discovered about peacemaking with strangers, patience, endurance, and trusting the road's next bend.

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Peace Pilgrim

Peace Pilgrim: Her Life and Work in Her Own Words

Compiled by some of her friends

$16 (ISBN: 978-0-943734-29-3)

Here is the best-selling account of one of America’s most remarkable and determined women. Peace Pilgrim walked alone and penniless, with just the clothes on her back, as an engaging and compelling witness for peace from 1953 until 1981. “Walking until given shelter and fasting until given food,” she carried a simple yet powerfully enduring message of peace. She walked in every state, as well as in Canada and Mexico, speaking in classrooms and churches, encouraging others to find the inner peace she so clearly lived every moment of every day.

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Peace Pilgrims Wisdom

Peace Pilgrim's Wisdom: A Very Simple Guide

Compiled by Cheryl Canfield

$14 (ISBN: 978-0-943734-30-9)

An authentic American sage, Peace Pilgrim walked the highways and byways of our land continually for nearly three decades. Cheerfully penniless, she carried into schools, churches, homes, and lives her simple message about attaining peace. Now Cheryl Canfield, one of the compilers of the original Peace Pilgrim book, has gathered 365 of Peace’s profound reflections—one for every day of the year—for those who want to integrate simple and potent spiritual truths into their lives.

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Steps Toward Inner Peace

Steps Toward Inner Peace: Harmonious Principles for Human Living

Peace Pilgrim

$8 (ISBN: 978-0-943734-24-8)

Between 1953 and 1981, Peace Pilgrim walked more than 25,000 miles across North America. She "walked until given shelter and fasted until given food," bearing a simple yet profound message of peace. This is the gift edition of the simple booklet she shared with those she encountered along the way.

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The Book of Kindness

The Book of Kindness: Power of the Gentle Path

Compiled by Mary Lou Cook, Jan Lurie and Richard Polese

$15 (ISBN: 978-0-943734-47-7)

New edition! More than 180 inspirational reflections on the quietly powerful virtue of kindness--gathered from everyday people as well as leading thinkers and sages throughout history.

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The Great Peace March

The Great Peace March: An American Odyssey

Franklin Folsom and Connie Fledderjohann

$10.95 (ISBN: 978-0-943734-14-9)

A noble dream: To walk across America to demand an end to the nuclear arms race. It began in March 1986, with 1,200 marchers--old and young, from nearly every state and ten countries--and nearly ended two weeks later in the Mojave Desert with the collapse of its sponsor. But the press underestimated the hardiness and fierce determination of these marchers. After an incredible odyssey of hardship, learning, teaching and growing, the Marchers reached their goal.

Here is their fascinating story--how they did it, the people they encountered along the way, and what this accomplishment achieved for the American peace movement. Many photographs and drawings.

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Victories Without Violence

Victories Without Violence: True Stories of Ordinary People Overcoming Dangerous Situations

Ruth A. Fry

$6 (ISBN: 978-0-943734-06-4)

Can the weak overcome the strong? Can an unarmed innocent confront brutality successfully?  Across the centuries, the weak have been attacked by the strong, and yet through meek and wise means have often prevailed! In these accounts, you will find inspiring evidence that physical force is not the last word in human affairs.

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Happy Birth Day Planet Earth

Happy Birth Day Planet Earth: The Instant of Co-Operation

Barbara Marx Hubbard

$6 (ISBN: 978-0-943734-08-8)

We stand on the threshold of a brand new era in the human adventure: consciously cooperating in the process of universal creation! In Happy Birth Day Planet Earth, respected futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard opens the door for people attracted to the spiritual transformation of themselves and the earth--to begin to live as co-creators with the designing intelligence of the Universe.

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The Community of the Ark

The Community of the Ark

Mark Shepard

$8 (ISBN: 978-0-943734-26-8)

France's Community of the Ark is one of the century's most successful experiments in utopian living. Founded by a Christian disciple of Mahatma Gandhi, it offers an inspiring model of a nonviolent society. Here is a firsthand account of life at the Community, revealing the secrets of its strength and success.

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The Wisdom Tree

The Wisdom Tree: A Journey to the Heart of God

Dr. Gary D. Guthrie

$12.95 (ISBN: 978-0-943734-35-4)

How could God work through religions that are often seemingly contradictory? The Wisdom Tree uses the analogy of a genealogical tree of mankind’s main religions to show how our beliefs are uniquely distinct yet part of one system. Each chapter goes into the center of a prevailing world faith to show how one message comes through various traditions and cultures.

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When I Listen

When I Listen: ...to the Voice of God's Love

Marilyn Gatlin and Mary Lou Cook

$9.5 (ISBN: 978-0-943734-34-7)

This delightful little treasure is to be read as a meditation, gently inviting you into that sanctuary of peace and divinity within. A perfect gift for someone you love -- or for yourself.

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Literature and Legacy

Tales from the Iron Triangle

Tales from the Iron Triangle: Boyhood Days in the Bay Area of the 1920s

James Polese

$9.95 (ISBN: 978-0-943734-12-5)

The Iron Triangle won't be found on any map, but it was a a real place -- with creeks and woods, fields and factories, a moonshine still and Indian middens. It was inhabited by Italian, Portuguese, Japanese and Gypsy immigrants in a time when the automobile, radio, telephones and airplanes were just coming into popular use. Here are engaging, often bittersweet stories of that fleeting time, told by a talented writer who grew to manhood there.

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The Velvet Monkey Wrench

The Velvet Monkey Wrench

John Muir

$20 (ISBN: 978-0-943734-39-2)

Here at the beginning of the 21st century, many of our social systems and ways of governing seem to fit like clothes from the back of the closet -- too tight and out of date.  It's time to try something different: more practical, fair and fun. The Velvet Monkey Wrench presents a way for humankind to exits on this planet, in balance, sensibly using what Earth has to offer.

John Muir's ideas will challenge your imagination. Legendary cartoonist Peter Aschwanden illustrates those ideas with some of his finest work.

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Waiting for the Westbound

Waiting for the Westbound

Poetry by Ruth Allison Coates

$8 (ISBN: 978-0-943734-26-2)

Ruth Allison Coates here opens new windows on life's twilight, as well as the promise and miracle of memory. Thirty remarkable poems in a perceptive, deeply resonant manner come forth from one of the Midwest's most accomplished poets.

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