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The Book of Kindness

The Book of Kindness: Power of the Gentle Path

Compiled by Mary Lou Cook, Jan Lurie and Richard Polese

$15 (ISBN: 978-0-943734-47-7)

84 pages, perfectbound, New Edition!

Here are more than 180 inspirational quotations on the powerful virtue of human kindness--from everyday people as well as history's best-known philosophers, teachers, saints and sages.

You will find brief inspiring passages on The Nature of Kindness, The Practice of Kindness, Kindness Is Not Weakness, and Kindness as a Way of Being in the World.

Included are carefully selected anecdotes showing the remarkable effectiveness of kindness in action plus a section of useful resources. This little book will become a treasured gift, for yourself and for those you care for!

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The Book of Kindness is really a survival manual. If we are to survive, greater kindness toward each other, the earth, and all its creatures is not only optional but mandatory. Dont just read these wise messages, become them.

— Larry Dossey, M.D. (The Extraordinary Healing Power of Ordinary Things)

"Bound to become a classic in the genre of inspirational works, this book would be a wonderful gift or just be great to keep close at hand when you need to be reminded of the healing power of kindness."

— Science of Mind magazine

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