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Tales from the Iron Triangle

Tales from the Iron Triangle: Boyhood Days in the Bay Area of the 1920s

James Polese

$9.95 (ISBN: 978-0-943734-12-5)

92 pages, perfectbound

with drawings by Elizabeth Morales

The Iron Triangle was a real place, a whole world of creeks and woods, factories and fields, bayland marshes, and a confluence of great railroads. The people were real, as well: Italian and Portuguese immigrant families, Slovenians, Austrians, Japanese, Gypsies -- making for the coming of age of a fresh generation of young Americans.

People of that place and time had to cope with rapid technological advances and adjust to a new language, while holding on to the old country values that gave continuity to their lives.  While adults worked to create the American Dream, their young sons and daughters lived and learned in a wondrous world of adventure and experience, in an all too brief era in the American story.

In Tales from the Iron Triangle, James Polese brings this world alive again.

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"1920s San Francisco Bay Area comes to life under the hand of James Polese. First-person stories capture the whimsical world of old Richmond through the eyes of a youngster."

— Midwest Book Review

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