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Happy Birth Day Planet Earth

Happy Birth Day Planet Earth: The Instant of Co-Operation

Barbara Marx Hubbard

$6 (ISBN: 978-0-943734-08-8)

64 pages, perfectbound

We stand on the threshold of a "planetary pentecost" and a new era in the human adventure: consciously cooperating in the process of universal creation. In Happy Birth Day Planet Earth, respected futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard opens the door for people attracted to the spiritual transformation of themselves and the earth--to begin to live as co-creators with the designing intelligence of the Universe.

Barbara Marx Hubbard foresees an "Instant of Co-Operation," a tipping point, a moment of critical mass where many will join this exciting new phase of human evolution. Here is a short guide to the nature of that moment and its promise.

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"There is no doubt in my mind that Barbara Marx Hubbard, who helped introduce the concept of futurism to society, is the best-informed human now alive regarding futurism and the foresights it has produced."

— Buckminster Fuller

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