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Flea Market America

Flea Market America: The Complete Guide to Flea-Enterprise

Cree McCree, illustrations by Betsy James

$16 (ISBN: 978-0-943734-43-9)

150 pages, 6" x 9" perfectbound (softcover)

Clever drawings, useful appendix

Commerce is booming at flea markets across America, and expert vendor Cree McCree tells you how to cash in on this exciting marketplace in the new Twentieth Anniversary edition of Flea Market America. Having sold wares happily and profitably from coast to coast, Cree tells you where to find the bargains, how the get the most for the least at rummage sales and auctions, how to price and display your wares, and how to choose a flea market specialty. She shares tips on building clientele loyalty, buying vintage clothing, avoiding rip-offs, doing restoration and repair, and much more. Delightful and useful illustrations by Betsy James.

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An utterly delightful little masterpiece.

— American Collector

If you’re serious about becoming a professional flea market vendor, buy this book!

— Jerry Stokes, founder, National Flea Market Association

In Flea Market America you’ll find a potential economic bonanza already being enjoyed by thousands.

— Shop by Mail


— Library Journal

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